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UniServer 5.0-Nano Beta 2


Specification changes:


- Apache updated to 2.2.13;

- phpMyAdmin updated to 3.2.1;

- Port detection function replaced

- Minor changes


Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/


Support material can be found here:

5.0-Nano: Introduction


Please post your test results in this thread.

State OS versions tested on, both positive and negative results are important.

For example; Tested on XP-Home no issues found. (If your OS has been listed as no issues found no need to duplicate a post.)


If you find issues check the forum they may have been covered. However being a beta could be a design issue hence post as much information as possible.



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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Well I was surprised that no one has downloaded beta2


Confirmed by no posts in this thread and SourgeForge statistics stating 0 downloads.


I have moved most of the support material to the main Wiki:




Just a techno glitch last weekend hence why I used an interim solution.


All the best

Ric :)


Well I am off for a week! Holidays catch you latter. :)

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