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UniServer5.0-Nano Beta1


Significant architecture changes hence a public beta.


Specification changes:


- Apache updated to 2.2.12;

- MySQL updated to 5.1.37;

- phpMyAdmin updated to;

- PHP updated to 5.3.0;

- ActivePerl updated to 5,10,0,1005 Plugin;

- Integrated UniTray;

- eAccelerator - 0.9.6-rc1

- Major Architecture change;


Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/


Due to technical reason support material can be found here:




The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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Hey! A public beta means you can change it. The only things written in stone are size and ease of use.


Hence any feedback would be welcome, does it work on Vista or V7, what about a clean machine, missing dll’s.


Is it difficult to use or too complex? Is the quick help guide of little use?


Perhaps the flexibility is to extreme and overly geeky and not cool.


We can handle a bit of hear bashing, but constructive ideas would be most appreciative.


More importantly can you hack the code to meet your own requirements?


Tried to avoid compiling any code hence the batch files as an alternative.


All the best

Ric :)

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