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*UNOFFICIAL* SMTP Proxy (to send mails from PHP and alike)



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Sorry - cant fix the poll. just ignore it.




Provides a SMTP Proxy


This enables mail sending from PHP and Perl without a mail server.

(Does not do more then sendmail would. any sendmail wrapper for win could be used. php is configured to work without it)


just unpack into udrive\



udrive\home\admin\program\uniserv.exe udrive\plugins\freesmtp\localsrv.exe

to your server_start.bat or the one you use.


thats it. now use the mail() command in PHP.



download: http://bananaacid.de.vu/~userv/smtpproxy_Plugin

src.zip (1.0.0 - 2009.07.23 0529)


Note: this supports AVC (automatic version checking).

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That looks interesting! Not familiar with it, hence a quick Goole for localsrv.exe :(


Rings a few alarm bells. :D


Is this open source? Just wondering what the spec is.


If its an open mail relay server, probably not a good idea to run it. :)


Hey! That’s me being cautious.


All the best

Ric :)

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well, there are dozens of files called localsrv.exe (at google)...


Program Name/Title:

Free SMTP Server

Program Version:


Program Release Date:

February 3, 2009

Program Description:

Free SMTP server program to send emails directly from PC.

Target OS:

All Windows

Software type:


Program home page:

http://www.softstack.com - http://www.softstack.com/freesmtp.html


it just picks up any internal (LOCAL) smtp connection and sends the mail to the target server.


It is licence free, but not open source. checking the internal function calls and scanning it with a 5 virus scanners (just to be totally sure), its of no danger.


feel free to double check.


btw: the core code is part of their comercial products, too.

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