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Competition 2005


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Currently i am working hard to get about $50-100 to sponsor a competiton. The competion will have differnet categories so that there is no cheating and also for fairness and it will have to do with the server.


Here is what i have so far:


Submit your:

  • Mod Version Of Admin Panel
  • User-Made Plugin
  • Mod Version Of The Uniform Server

Or launch a "Spread the Word" campaign.


For the spread the word campaign, each user will get a tracker code so we can track who referred who and how many people are referred.


I do not like to collect money from people, especially on the internet so there might be no donating or if you do want to, you may have to send the money to the winner directly.... (? i don't have a PayPal Account so....)... :) When i come up with the money i will post it in the news/announcement forum. :)


Please feel free to reply if you think it is a good or bad idea... :)

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  • 2 months later...

The competition will be starting any time from now. Here are the prizes:

  • 1 Year Free Web Hosting (500MB; 10000GB Bandwidth; Unlimited MySQL, Email Accounts; FTP Accounts, Fantastico; cPanel 10 Pro (RVSkin Available); SohoLaunch; Template Manager by Soho; and more...
  • $50 Cash
  • $20 Cash - [sponsor: Tucker]
  • more fun prizes coming soon

We will let you know when the competition starts and will be posting the info on the main website.



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