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no general start file to start additional progs


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Well, agin writing a US module, i realized, that there is no UNIFORM way of adding other progs that need to be run on server start. At least it appears to me like that.


there are currently 3 ways:

  • using the server_start.bat
  • the unicontroller.exe
  • and the usb_server_start.bat

but: i want to add my dyndns updater, my ftp server and mailserver. where should they be added by a config file to be always started with the server ???


see my problem?


i would prefer something like


HIDDEN \plugins\prog1\myexefile.exe -param1 | exitcommand.exe
USUAL \plugins\prog2\other.exe


that file would then be processed by any loading script(batch file - looping each line, splitting, calling with or without udrive\home\admin\program\uniserv.exe OR calling cli of php to do the task) or prog(unicontroller)


i think the best would be to have it generalized to make additions easier.


what do you think?

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this is part of my bigger project, UNIcon (Part of it is released as ConTester http://bananaacid.de.vu/?freeware/___2009___) (check out the screenshots)


with this part, i try what would work the best and easiest, based on my statement above. (you could call this research). since something is planned for UNIcon anyways, started to do the web part and a replacement start part.

the web part is a apanel plugin, that lets you view, start and stop the "server modules". in my case they are inaDyn, slimftpd, bananaCron and a bunch of others. since i try to write my plugins and additions as indedendent as possible, a startup batch file will do the starting work (for testing and if you do not want to use UNIcon) for now.


basically it needs a file \etc\servermodules with something like:

HIDDEN simftpd.exe
SHOW uniController.exe

where hidden uses userv.exe to hide, and show just executes it in relation to \. where \ = W:\ (or any dir letter, but within the udrive dir)



if any1 is interested, you can follow it along:




just to prove, that i am serious about it:


it only needs AVC and DLI - the DLI requirement is easily removeable (remove all - L() - i will add a dummy function for that later )

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I do like the ideas, have you tested servers when run as a service?

Just wondering what issues there may be.


In a similar vein have you tested with multi-servers on same PC.


UniServer Alpha 7 is doing the rounds; hopefully a beta is not to far away.


Cron was integrated some time ago in Alpha 5 catering for specific application.

In addition the new architecture allows any number of detached hidden processes.


If all your plugins are directed to 4.3-Mona! Excellent, that’s the current stable release


All the best

Ric :)

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Unfortunatly i had to write my own "tasklist.exe" (mine returns a php array directly :) ) command to return the commandline of a called prog to identify seperate processes. that also gives the ability to filter the drive it got called from and match to the specific server. ( comparing the processes drive with the php __FILE__ drive ) = multiple servers


also: the windows-icon of the running process will be returned and integratet into the page as base64 encoded PNG string (will need another or specific param to extact the icon from file that is not run).


runs on win98 upwards and on linux and PSP/PS2 (.NET 2.0 / Mono) - size: 11kb


works Mona 4.3. is pretty much independed of apanel thought, since it only includes the header/footer and has a dummy function if DLI is not installed.


well, as it is now, any prog can use the \etc\servermodules to run and handle the processes. the php script is only usefull for managing it from a far.



it is not intended to be used with a "stationary" US. (services...) but i will see, if i can get it to work with it too in case it won't.

Side note: (the people - school classes + students i supply with US will use it fully patched with my addons and on a usb stick. since the collective school board of technology workshops, asked me to adopt US and APanel to modern technology and to a representable piece of open source, there is no service option of apache and mysql required.

a bunch of unmentioned plugins coded by me are within the patched US 4.3 version for the schools, have no apanel interface and are preconfigured, i will slowly convert them to a better, full solution, like this plugin. this is required since more classes adopt the patches and wish to select the plugins individually.)


my above post didnt mention cron. what do you mean? i have an additional cron plugin that i use personally (selfcoded) i use for a while, but wont release since it has no feasible apanel interface.

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