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On another forum I was asked how often does Uniform Server update?

Strange question until I was referred to the Wiki home page.

Ho well! Difficult to remember everything we only have focus for the next version. :)


After Olajide announced 4.0-Mona we were straight into V5, OK so a few Mona updates! Yep security issues are important hence updates. Mona 4.3 looks stable.


V5 well that’s currently at Alpha V6 may be next weekend Alpha V7. There are significant changes. I think Olajide is looking at another four weeks before a beta release could be more.


Back to the original question, Uniform Server is updated regularly. :D


All the best

Ric :(

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Hehe, the question is: how would one know? I just read your announcements for the 5-betas and it sounds like it possibly really is the question.


Maybe you should consider to update www.uniformserver.com more often (one might say "at all" :)). It's the first hit googling for "uniform server" and usually I just would expect news about versions at the main page too. I've used US for years now (it's just great!) and in between I got it that I have to check the wiki from time to time for new versions, but a "casual passers-by" would hardly recognize that anything changed since version 3.3. I think that it is even somewhat hard to understand what uniformserver.com is all about at a quick glance (how long again do people keep a new page open before they decide on its usefulness? :)) - and what all the links are good for...


Well, I just always have a problem linking to US saying "Go there, see what it does and what features it got (30 secs), how to install it (5 mins), be happy ever after (eternity)" :)

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It's true! Even the copyright says 2007, so how would anyone REALLY know at first glace the TON of work that went into versions 4 and 5.


Maybe you could get a link from the wiki news to the front page? (Ooops, need to update that, too. :rolleyes: Actually, I just did).


But seriously, the home page has to give an indication of changes, if only to toot the horn.




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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the PM

Hope you know what you have talked yourself into. :)

Honestly your effort and time will be most appreciated. B)

Ya! That’s how I started! Stuck me nose in. :rolleyes:


All the best

Ric :)



Bob is going to proofread the Wiki and make it intelligible so expect a few changes. B)

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can the uniform server (wamp package) do a better job than configuring php and mysql with IIS to make the web site public if any one has already tried it..

Sorry?? The question isn't clear. IIS is not part of Uniform Server. In fact, if you want to use them both, you need to be sure that IIS and UniServer don't use the same ports. I believe you'll find more information about this by searching the Internet.

We'd need to have more explanation of what you're trying to do in order to give more direction.


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