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Problems starting 4.3 under Vista Home Premium


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I've been running 3.5 for quite some time now and thought I'd upgrade to 4.3 as some CMS software that I want to use appears to have compatibility issues with 3.5.


So I downloaded 4.3 and installed it on my XP machine and it works fine.


Having tested it out, I then downloaded 4.3 onto my main server (Vista Home Premium) and installed it alongside the 3.5 installation.


I've ended the 3.5 server and rebooted the machine and then tried starting 4.3 only to get a string of errors:

Apache.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point _safe_erealloc could not be located in the dynamic link library php5ts.dll



The system cannot find the drive specified



The system cannot find the drive specified


I've done nothing to the installation, just trying to run it 'out of the box'.



My copy of 3.5 still starts and runs without any problems.


Any ideas as to what might be wrong?




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Very strange! “Entry Point Not Found” generally indicates there are incompatible modules from different versions.


The other errors are a consequence of the above issue.


If you run “UniController > test” and the ports are free – It’s not a port issue

If you have 3.5 installed as a service uninstall it – it may be the problem.


Just wondering if the log files provide a clue?

Without more informs its difficult to pinpoint the cause.

Have you tried any other server in the Mona series, PHP was incrementally changed?


All the best

Ric :)

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Hi Ric,


Thanks for the suggestions.


I 'knew' that I didn't have Apache loaded as a service but thought I'd look anyway. I found that there WAS an Apache service registered on the system but it had been set to 'manual' startup, so wasn't actually running. It was then that I remembered that I'd toyed around with getting UniServer to run as a service a year or so ago and had failed miserably and set the services to manual to stop them running so that I could get UniServer to run properly. I guess I'd forgotten about that. :)


Anyway, although I didn't expect it to make any difference, I set the startup for the Apache and MySQL services to 'disabled' and now 4.3 starts no problem! :D


What I didn't realise was that 4.3 appears to be set up to run as a service by default, so I guess this is why it was failing: it was conflicting with the services already registered, as they were pointing at old versions of the software.


So, problem solved - many thanks.




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