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Uniserver4_3 not starting after adding SSL


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I am new to uniserver and i was looking for a good beginner Dev enviroment for a new webdesigner and this looked like a pretty easy low overhead way to go. I really like what i have seen so far, aside for one little issue. if i go into Apanle and i tell it to generate and asigne an ssl cert i get 2 error messages and then i am prompted to restart apache when i try to restart apache i get an error stating that the files cannot be found in the z:\ drive.


I tried copying all of the files from the udrive folder directly to the root of the cdrive "c:\" and i receive a similar error when running the usb_server_start.bat


if i go to C:\UniServer\ which is were i unzipped the files and run disk_start.VBS i get the same error message.


as i said this only happens after i tell it to generate and assign an ssl certificate.

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Ok so I have found the issue and I am trying to resolve it, the Mod_ssl module is not loaded correctly, so when you enable ssl and try to restart Apache if fails when trying to load mod_ssl, Causing all the subsiquent scripts to fail. there should be some thing which tells you if apache fails to load completly in future modules and tells you what mod it fails at.

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ok so here is the issue, you need to install the c++ libraries which can be found here




I also downloaded and installed the latest version of SSL binaries to get all of the ssl dlls in the system folder for the server they are here




the issue was that the script to gen the ssl cert was calling on the openssl program and it was missing pieces and parts which make it work. installing the above 2 should resolve the issue, not i did not have to install them to any special location. i just installed them to the default location.



now to secure it and open up port 443 so the dev guy can work on it form ohio.

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