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Is it possible to integrate Jaxer into UniServer 43?


descrip... Jaxer is a new kind of server, the world’s first Ajax Server. Jaxer is free and open source, and enables the developer to create rich web applications by unifying the development model across the client/server boundary.


ref1.. Current working WAMP:


descrip-- PAMPA-J is the first customizable and portable WAMP-J Environment (Window$, Apahace, MySQL, PHP, plus Aptana Jaxer).


ref2.. Jaxer Package download is a "sandboxed", self-contained package with its own Apache HTTP server, no additional configuration is required.

package visit http://www.aptana.com/jaxer/download and see the instructions.


Thank you for your help...


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An excellent idea and is possible.


That said, I strongly believe in alternatives, these chaps and ladies will have put a great deal of effort and time into their project and offer you a choice. :)


In that respect UniServer is no different. :blink:


The choice is yours. ;)


All the best

Ric :)

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