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4.2 isn't starting


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I'm trying to run the Uniform Server 4.2 but it keeps generating an error. The script tries to map the folder at Z: drive, but it don't occur for unknown reasons. And since the Z: disc doen't not exist, usb_server_start.bat calls for inaccessible folders with .exe files.


My OS is WinXP SP3 Home and my UniServer folder is located on C:\Dir with spaces\My Dropbox\ (please don't ask me to move it to a folder with no spaces on their name, I really need to run the Uniform Server on that path in order to get it synchronized with my Dropbox account. If I move the UniServer folder I will need to move also the "My Dropbox" folder and if I move this folder I will need to move the Dir with spaces, that have 20GB and 3 years of lots of customs configurations and relative paths to get changed :blink: )


I dont't known if it is related, but I'm running VMware Workstation 6.5.2-156735 at the same time I try to run Uniform Server (WinXP SP3 Home is my host OS and I'm trying to run Uniform Server at this host OS).


My occupied driver letters are A: (internal), C: (internal), D: (internal), E: (USB), F: (USB).

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The no space restriction only applies when Uniform server is installed in sub-folders and running as a service.


If you are not running the servers as a service spaces are not an issue. Your installation will look similar to this:

C:\folder spaces\folder more spaces\UniServer\udrive\


With that configuration you must use the files (Server_Start.bat, disk_start.vbs etc.) in folder UniServer to start and stop the servers. A virtual drive is created and the servers are run from this at the top-level hence spaces are not an issue.


The reason your servers fail to start is because you are using usb_server_start.bat contained in folder udrive. This was specifically designed to run the servers when installed as disk root. That is to say the entire contents of folder udrive are copied directly to drive c:\ for example or some other disk’s root.


All the best

Ric :blink:

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