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*UNOFFICIAL* Plugin Installer


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Gets and installs the latest plugins / patches that are supported.


You check the plugins you wish to install, the webinstaller will dowload and install them into the uniserver installation you choose.



direct webinstaller link to latest version:


attachment: version 1.2.0:


Supports so far: (is all multilingual)

(multi language support for Admin Panel and default components / cgis too)

(version checking of installed plugins)

(support for new themes, included is ThemeX + default Admin Panel. Allready installed APanel extentions and default ones are still available within the new menu.)


(to suit APanel style, BADmin styleable in future)

Plugin (to join the IRC channel just by PHP+JavaScript within BADmin Panel)

Multilanguage installer, but the components list/readme are only in english. should still be understandable


Version 1.2.0

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Just to make it clear. the installer will be in your language, or in english if your language is not supported for the install proccess. the readme and the listing of the components will be in english.


to final installed components are multilingual. you can configure your apanel to choose a different language if did not detect it right - provided there are language translations available.


check out the DLI post about how to translate the tables (just needs filling in the translatet strings).

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