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Virtual Hosts with Dynamic IP service.


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I have a no-ip.com subdomain address (with port 80 forwarding to 81) pointing to my dynamically changing IP address. I also have a domain address (let's call it domainA.com), right now forwarded to my no-ip.com subdomain address. My question is, is it possible to set it up so that if people come from domainA.com that they are sent to the domainA folder in my www directory in Uniserver while if they come from, let's say, domainB.com that they are sent to the domainB folder in my www directory in Uniserver?


The big question, is this possible while using a dynamic IP service like no-ip as a middleman?

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If domainA.com and domainB.com are real domain tlds, then yes. All you have to do is set up a virtual host for them.


If they are subdomains under no-ip, like domain.no-ip.com, it will also work, but i am not too sure about domain.domain.no-ip.com, if it is even really possible to have... :P


There is a vhost script here and a topic that can help you set it up, you will need to download the mod_vhost module, it is attached to one of the topics, search the forum, and you will also need the vhost.php file if you are new to it, to help you make it...


Hope this helps.. ;) :D

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