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PHP 5.3.0RC2


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Just wondering if any one has used PHP 5.3.0RC2 on Uniform Server. If so what problems if any have you encountered?


I have integrated it into a test version of Mona 4.2, noticed it breaks a small portion of Apanel! Not a major issue.


It subjectively feels more responsive, difficult to explain that statement. I cannot run eAcellorator since there are no current binaries for it. That said without this it looks faster I assume eAccelerator will only enhance speed.


At long last it looks like libmysql.dll will not be included! You need to use the one supplied by MySQL. The version I am testing is MySQL 5.1.34; ace no issues. :)


I have been testing PHP 5.3.0RC2 CLI, it almost has the power of Perl! :)


Would anyone have any objections if Perl were removed from Uniform Server?


The only problem I have, between releases of Perl I have only had to change one script. That has never been true for PHP CLI. :blink:


I am not knocking PHP 5.3 because I think it has reached a stability plateau, that’s why it looks like a viable and serious alternative. ;)


Well if you would like to mill me legs off! Feel free to do so, however any positive feedback would be appreciated.


All the best

Ric :)

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php 4 was allready capable of anything perl could do at the same time (through all the modules, to keep the core small). now this is even more true. security for php relies on settings, where perl has no security on win since it needs access restrictions enforced through the OS with user accounts (and is as such not even portable).


for consistency i would definitly choose to drop perl. actually i had script trouble changing from php 2 to php 3. but following the whats depriciated guidelines, my old code still works today (when _POST and _GET where introduced i switched and assumed globals=off). (well yes, was never a problem with perl). the next BIG problem will come with PHP 6, as ALL depriciated functions are dropped, and old functions have their arguments rearanged to have a consistent look and feel. that will hurt... well not much if you mind modularity, but there will still be a bunch more to fix then using perl.


Still: perl should be provided as plugin, since more devs (since Micro$oft is pushing it on to devs) are going into it. but not included within UniServer for security reasons (allowing others, as it is now presetted, to execute perl from everywhere on the server. e.g. Virtual-Hosts).


*grin*: hm -> BATCH(and powershell2, CsScript), PERL, PHP, PYTHON, CF, ASP (vb, c#, ...), LUA, ...and a lot more interpreters...

... well is UniServer a WAMB, WAMP, WAMPPP or WAMPPPCAL... ?


please, do not let us pick up the perl vs. php discussion :blink:.

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No! It’s not a Perl vs PHP issue; both are very capable.


Its one of stability, size and in addition a positive move forward regarding architecture design.


All the best

Ric :blink:

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i am for PHP. just saying: it usually ends in "but .. is better then ..." ;) and "but we have ... allready, why recode?" :)


btw... i just got it now: you mentioned CLI. (i use PHP scripts also as batch replacements, and wsh extention, so my arguments above still fit) so you plan to leave Perl for the apanel tools, but change the perl cli stuff (port fetching in server start etc) to php? still: unify... yes use php.


while we're at it: how about getting the stuff all little fixed up? removing all that batch stuff involved in starting the server, and placing one solid exe (or at least an interpreted one [CsScript - exe's c# code is placed in an "include", loaded into the exe and executed - leaves the source accessible])?

.... i am doing something similar for my clients. removing all perl stuff (security), placing a friendly startup, badmin panel, better www/ folder structure, more plugins to extend. to make Uniserver not apear so geeky :blink:


how about we get together and talk about how to pimp UniServer... just a thought..

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