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*UNOFFICIAL* APanel Replacement


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http://bananaacid.de.vu/?uniserver/BADminPanel --- (More Info)


		 BADmin Panel	   (production name)

  "A stylish, themable interface for APanel. Using language
files (DLI), dynamic plugin inclusion into the nav area
and version checking for the plugins."

  It will patch your current admin panel, keeping anything
  you have installed.
  Available Themes:
 Old one: Admin Panel
 Default new one: BAdmin Panel X (with animations)
		 how about you design one too?

  What it can do and aPanel can't:
 - Fetch the version numbers dynamically
 - DLI based (plugin for apanel available)
 - AVC based (plugin for apanel available)
 - pluginmanager with download and automated installation
 - compatible to any aPanel plugin (shows version updates if plugin supports AVC)
		 - animated menu interface behavior, thats what makes it useable after all (you'll love it)
 - THEMEable
   - just by a few graphics and a style sheet
   - by same graphics as X but with different layout
   - ... and any other mixture, be creative.
 - was tired of the old design.
 - need a convinient themeing base for clients.
 - learning how to do things better.
  Problems or to annoying?
 - turn off the animating behavior:
	\home\admin\www\themes\default\includes\main.js - Line 13. (read the comment)
  How to get going?
 - download the lates DLI (at least 0.0.6 RC3) and the latest BADmin package,
 - extract all files to your admin/www/ folder,
 - create a backup of your admin/www/ (rightclick, sento zip-archive),
 - start the http://localhost/apanel/patcher_BADminPanel.php (not the DLI patcher)
 - everything should look the same, even thought the APanel runs through the BADmin
 - navigate to Miscellaneous section and click on "BADmin Panel Themes"













feedback is, as always, very welcome.

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I liked the look of this and was going to give it a bash.


Download site - Site black-background makes it difficult to read!


Anyway could not find the appropriate download. What am I looking for to give it a bash?


All the best

Ric :D

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you have probably stted your screens brightness to low. (Adobe screen configuration helps ;-)


required, install order:


1. DLI: just extract over the files, dont install yet, BADmin patcher calls this one

src (v0.0.7 - 25. April 09) RC1 (cgi translation support working).7z


2. AVC minimalist 4DLI: just extract over

AVC minimalist DLI for MONA 1.0.0 +needs DLI patch.7z


3. BADmin: extract over the files, then start localhost/apanel/start_patcher_BADmin.php

src (v0.1.0 beta dev version - 26. April 09) REQUIRES DLI PATCH TO BE AT LEAST COPIED OVER. tryout. not guaranteed to install properly.7z


BADmin patcher creates a backup zip of the admin/www in /home/admin/ as zip. I recommend, you backup your admin/www before unpacking DLI and AVC (should be stable, but just to make sure).

make sure, you turn off your browsers option to wait with displaying the page till its loaded, (important for the patcher and some of the original cgi scripts).


hope the patching works as expected. not yet guaranteed thought.


please post if you could or could not get it installed. and the BADmin concerning patcher results (replacement counts).

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OK I followed your instructions and failed with this error:


Ran: http://localhost/apanel/start_patcher_BADmin.php

creating backup zip...please wait.

Fatal error: Call to a member function addEmptyDir() on a non-object in Z:\home\admin\www\start_patcher_BADmin.php on line 96


Ran: http://localhost/apanel/

Fatal error: Call to undefined function l() in Z:\home\admin\www\includes\header.php on line 23


Can only assume I have missed something!


All the best

Ric :D

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thats an error using the zipping function. you can comment using it out. ( in the badmin patcher )

have to sort it out.





(fixed the patcher zipping) src (v0.1.0 beta dev version - 26. April 09 fixed2) ...


l() errors will happen, if the dli patcher didn't run. in this case badmin patcher has to call the dli patcher.

(the dli patcher can be called over and over again, without trouble. replaces lang array calls with l(''). after adding new php files to admin/www, you should run the dli patcher, and copy any language strings from the modified includes/lang/en.php over to the en.inc.php to work.... thats where pluginname.en.inc.php comes into play by pluginmakers)


btw: there are still features planned and prepared to get included int BADmin ( don't expect the theme X to be complete )

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I commented the offending line and was able to get it up and running.

It looks quite impressive, I assume the images are not copyright?


I have not performed any exhaustive tests just superficial ones.

There are several minor bugs, no big deal its still in development.

One potential security issue I think easily resolved.

I noticed you are using php-win.exe consider removing this.

Have you tested this when the servers are run as a service?

I think it would be a good idea (reason for removing php-win.exe)


I will wait for the next release and give it a more thorough test.


All the best

Ric :D

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php-win cant be removed. its the php.exe with a inbuild commandswitch tu turn off the console popup. thats whats needed by the cgis to execute the language array fetching.

same apache restrictions apply to php-win.exe as to php.exe or to perl.exe. so if there is a security access problem, the apache config needs to be fixed. (where as perl doenst even have a configuration file for restricting, since it believes the OS will handle folder/file permissions, where as php relies primary on the ini settings, secondary on the OS settings and lastly on virtual host settings [3!])


that would be a thing to sortout anyways. see my virtual host forum entry. thats what i use to restrict at least php access....


but what would suit uniserver in general? (i restricted referencing anything outside of www, since clients were able to abuse perl... and php)


i am interested in the minor bugs youve seen, to squish them.


the gfx are all either licenced under free use with no requirement to name the author or licencefree. one third is by myself, licence free.



i am going for a next release if this installs flawlessly and has no known bugs (release is not language strings dependend, as i am only capable of translating en-de).



EDIT: should all work now. the above links link to the latest of each, don't mind the link naming. installer will be appended later.

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this installer will always grab the newest packages and unpack them. finally it opens the browser and sends you to the patcher that completes to process.


should all work flawlessly.


btw - the patcher(s) can be rerun without braking itself or something it didn't brake before ;-) )

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Updates for DLI, AVC and BADmin Panel available. final BADmin Panel 1.0.0 is not yet released.


download the updated WebInstaller


working on v1.0.0:

- Opera 9 works flawlessly with the newest additions to BADmin, firefox doesn't like faulty page header (send by some of the cgis) + JavaScript (firefox just doesn't fix the header on the fly.)

- Theme X should not be run in IE 7 or below. needs to gray out the option.

- maybe: newsticker ... if Ola would have setup the board to provide an rss feed for the updates/release section...


btw: Opera Browser handles webpages the best, supports all standards and has the fastest javascript handling and displays pages the fastest(with all webpage features)

try BADmin theme X with opera, you'll love it.

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and again, while wondering why the features i added won't work at some pages, i stumbled over errornous files. no closed tags, some closed but never opened, no selfcontained tags closed... tags where they are not allowed... some coded pages are full of flaws. others are pretty much cleaned up... the CGI files are mostly not validating. and a few php files (my patcher fixes them to make BADmin panel work with them. and to make Opera and Firefox to work with them, too - if delivered as XML as they are coded actually) ....


but i am still at it. will see how i can work around that. i might probably turn off stylish features for FireFox, since firefox is really picky extreamly cumbersome handling only 99% correct pages. not fault tolerant. also FFs JavaScript implementatation returns errors at places where there are none... if you can choose, use the Opera Browser.


done: after a long search, i figured out, that it is a FireFox tag handling bug concerning script tags in XHTML. It prevented a page to show, but code was loaded.


realized again: FF's JavaScript handling is soooo slow (mostly concerning html rearanging). Some folding animations are a pain. (luckily i implemented the option to turn animations off. that speeds it up a little. got to finish an additional theme...)

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in case any1 is actually following this along:


im close to release the first stable ( supported ) version.


currently it supports (with almost all features for each - firefox, chrome are the odd ones): best first...

Opera, Webkit Browsers (Safari, Chrome, ...), FireFox, IE 8 (if i am not mistaken)...


- shows update notifies in all supplied languages (with no additional strings to be translated)

- nicely animated menu :blink:

- rating of BADmin

- framework for new styles/themes

- crossbrowser compatible


- while coding on this, AVC and DLI received a lot of patches + upgrades


... actually is an expirience you do not want to miss ...


i will release it within 24 hrs i think.


only a bug reporting feature will be included till the release... probably...


btw: i invested a lot of time in research (browser shortcommings) and coding. from the last update till now, approx. 27 hrs... unbelievable how time consuming this is... ;) but we want to make this server a better place, right?

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direct webinstaller link: http://bananaacid.ath.cx/~userv/badminpane...ller_badmin.exe


sorry BADmin is delayed- still creating testcases to see if all works. nearly done with a IRC chat plugin (coded in PHP) to test a bunch of badmin features and finding bugs and limitations in badmin/dli/AVC.


hm... i think ít will take 2 more days to be sure its fully stable in all edges. well any bugs left will be where they do not harm and can be quickly be fixed.


is there actually still interest from any1 out there ?

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