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More Plugins Released


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The following plugins have been released:



UniServer CA is both a plugin and a portable certificate authority (CA)

It allows you to sign certificates (server and personal)

Intended for Personal Servers and Intranet use.

Do not use for eCommerce sites.

Note: Mona’s ssl.conf file has support for CA and personal certificates

in the form of a template (commented lines).


Sourceforge download Wiki Support



Adds a tray menu control to UniServer-Mona

Supports all three installation modes basic, disk-root and run as service.

Supports multi-server installations (requires a single file name change).


Sourceforge download Wiki Support



AWStats is a free powerful and full-featured tool that generates advanced server statistics, graphically.


Sourceforge download Wiki Support




Some application encode PHP scripts using Zend Guard to run these scripts on Uniform Server

requires the installation of Zend Optimizer. This plugin provides a quick way to install

Zend Optimizer on Uniform Server Mona.


Sourceforge download Wiki Support




Not a plugin but a write-up on the Wiki. It covers Apache’s basic authentication, viable over the Internet when secured using SSL. The techniques shown eliminate the need for additional programming and remove the requirement to have mod-rewrite enabled. A full-blown secure server is not required! Double logins eliminated.


Wiki - Basic Authentication



The Uniform Server Development Team :D

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