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Uniform Server 4.1-Mona


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With just a few months to spear from the release of Uniform Server 4.0-Mona, we just released 4.1-Mona with another pack of upgrades and patches.



- MySQL updated to 5.1.33;

- PHP updated to 5.2.9-1;

- eAccelerator updated to 0953_5.2.9.1

- phpMyAdmin updated to;

- ActivePerl updated to 5,10,0,1004;

- Openssl updated to 0.9.8k

- New Plugin, Move server

- Bug fix, UniController v2.1;

- Service Scripts Updated;

- Batch scripts Updated;

- core server arcitecture/structure updated;


While we work on the next major milestone and plugins we ask that you bear with us. Ric is also currently in gear working constant on UniSevrer_CD and UniServer_USB. Watch out for those latest developments soon.


With summer break being a month away, you should start seeing plugin releases from us also, so yep, we are making a comeback. :unsure:


Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...lease_id=673322




The Uniform Server Development Team

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