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The default page is not showing.


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Hi Guys,


My problem occured when i activated

the IIS of my window xp and installed MYSQL in my PC based on a tutorial book

i am reading right now. I think i also modify the default password of the server.


I just want to if its ok to activate the IIS of my window xp and mysql along uniform server? assuming

uniform server is off?


The problem now is there is no display of the default page, when i start the server?



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uniform server (apache) and IIS use the same port 80 by default -> http://... is port 80.


so in order to use both parallel you need to change the port for one of them or turn one of them off.


if you change the port to 8080 for example, you have to enter http://localhost:8080/ into your browser to access it.


turning uniserver off, you won't be able to use its features like admin panel and so on.


so why would you deactivate uniform server? if you use IIS there is no need for uniform server...


answered for completeness

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