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run an exe with php


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I want to make a page that reads an xml file and presents some data.

the xml is exported from a "file.exe" and also takes a parameter "param.wpf".


I did it with python using the os module, but I dont know if is it possible to run an exe this way from php

and also with the uniform server.


If it's possible they both have to be in the server right?


If you know something about this, a command or a link or an example would be great :unsure: , I would be gratefull.



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The following example may be of help! I am using test.bat replace it with your .exe


Save the following test.bat to any folder (it does not need to be in server root) for example c:\test\test.bat It’s a simple batch file that just echos a few lines,


@echo off

if "%1"=="param.wpf" goto :REV

echo 123

echo 456

echo 789

goto :END


echo 987

echo 654

echo 321




Save the following test.php to root folder www



$output = `c:/test/test.bat param.wpf`;

echo "



$output = `c:/test/test.bat`;

echo "



$output = `dir *.php`;

echo "




Note: The $output’s are not using quotes but backticks, in other words they are running system commands.


The first demonstrates passing a parameter to the batch file (executable). Second just runs the batch file with no parameters. The last one demonstrates running a standard dos command and passing a parameter (if your executable is on a system path there is no need to specify a path)


This PHP page may be of use


Al the best

Ric :unsure:

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