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mod_info module installation


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Hello everybody,

let me start by saying that I am really impressed with the Uniform Server distribution, I had the Apache server fully operationnal in no more than 15mn after downloading it!!!


I wanted to install the mod_info module, to see how it operates.


The problem is that I don't know where to find it, I am beginning to suspect it may be part of the official Apache distribution.

My second problem is that except copying it in the modules directory to see if it works this way, I do not have the slightliest idea of how to proceed to install it.


Thanks for your help and guidance.

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After copying over the module to the module folder, all you have to do is uncomment the line that activates it in the httpd.conf file.


That should be it... :P


3.3 has it activated along with mod_status and a few others.

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