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I need a https connection, how can I do this?


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Well I'll get down to the real deal on what I am trying to do! I wanted to setup a webpage that is a HTTPS page and NOT a http page. The reason why I am doing this is because I wanted to tunnel or used a proxy server where it is secure to the webpages. I am using a cell phone to surf the internet but my cell phone provider found out that I was getting the full access to the internet which they don't allow! I am only paying for WAP webpages but the way I found around this was going to webpages that where HTTPS and then I found website that where using a proxy server but as long as the web address started with HTTPS I can still surf the internet.

What I wanted to do now is setup my server to have webpages with HTTPS on them so I can look at my stuff or do some surfing. I don't wanted to give that much detail because I notice that other website where they give information about tunnel though the cell phone provider they keep a eye on this and then stop the service. So I am wondering if I can run a SSH website? or webpages that start with the address HTTPS? if you need more detail I will give them out.

Thank You

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You never mentioned which version of Uniform Server you are using.


The Wiki should be your first port of call for all variants.


If you are using 4.0-Mona check out this page.


All the best

Ric :)

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