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Uniform Server 4.0-Mona


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Today marks the date of the release of Uniform Server version 4.0-Mona.



- Apache updated to 2.2.11;

- MySQL updated to 5.0.67;

- PHP updated to 5.2.8;

- phpMyAdmin updated to;

- ActivePerl updated to 5,10,0,1003;

- Updated, Brand New UniController v2;

- Service Scripts Updated/Bug Fixes;

- Implemented Combined bug fix see Wiki;

- Pear install updated

- SSL PreInstalled;

- Admin Panel 2.1;


This release was made possible thanks to our devoted Beta Team and definitely Ric! Expect to see up-to-date releases from now on, and also plugin releases. The new line of Miniserver's will also stay in development and kept up to date, so yes, its a new year and we have new things in store for everyone.


As always 4.0 is ready to run right out of the box, its 1MiB bigger than 2.5 due to some new things and also due to file sizes of the main core systems.


With that said, enjoy the release.


Download: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...lease_id=661112




The Uniform Server Development Team

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Support material for Uniform Server 4.0-Mona has been published on the Wiki


Check out the following Wiki Category


Topics covered:

1. Install options: Basic (portable), Run as a Service new option Disk root (USB or hard drive root no virtual drive required)

2. How to enable SSL: Two mouse clicks! Automatically creates new server certificate and key enables SSL.

3. Multi-Servers: How to install more than one server

4. Installation guides for the following popular packages:

  • Drupal - Run from a USB memory stick - Portable cron
  • Joomla - Run from a USB memory stick
  • MediaWiki - Run from a USB memory stick
  • Moodle - Run from a USB memory stick - Portable cron
  • Wordpress - Run from a USB memory stick
  • Xoops - Run from a USB memory stick


5. How to run Perl CGI scripts – Hello world examples, yep more than one way to do it.

6. Uniform Server’s security features explained


I apologise for the length of some pages anyway enjoy and have fun.


All the best

Ric :)

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