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I wanna access my phpmyadmin


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i wanna access my phpmyadmin for creating a database.


i am dos't unerstand where is my phpmyadmin in uniform server miniserver:xoops 21.


i need creating a database for some software, but i dos't understand what the procedure of creating a database in miniserver:Xoops realase.


i am using uniform server ver. miniserver:xoops



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Hi Muhammad Imran Latif Alhussaini,


Mmmmmm, not sure if you should be using Olajideolaolorun’s GIF Image? :)


If you want to create Databases then you should download the full version of Uniform Sever


Danny :)

Personal website


Uniform Server - hMail Server - Joomla

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Danny is correct Use Uniform Server 3.5

Set-up phpMyAdmin configuration file as per this page:


phpMyAdmin Enable support for minis


Note: You only need to add one new block to phpMyAdmin


Port information is provided on this page:


Mini Servers Ready To Go


For Xoops the MySQL port is: 3321


PS I agree with Danny please change your avatar! Certainly confused me. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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