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NooB Question -- how to get PHP executing properly?


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Please excuse this simple question but I'm having trouble getting oriented. Thanks in advance for your help.


I've installed Uniform Server 3.5 on Windows XP SP2. Install appears fine and Start and Stop scripts appear to work fine.


When I create a simple web page with embedded PHP (named mytest.html or mytest.php) and then run it by double-clicking on the file name, it does not execute the PHP code. (Also I notice that PHP is not a registered file extension under XP.)


What do I need to configure to get PHP executing within HTML web pages with Uniform? Thank you.



<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SOLVED >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


My answer was in the SERVER STRUCTURE.TXT file in the DOCS folder.


The HOME directory is W:\WWW. So all I had to do was place my PHP file in there like this W:\WWW.mytest.php.


Then execute it by opening my browser and entering the correct local host address -




Great, I'm off and running. Thanks.

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Glad you solved it yourself, but this is some information to anyone else who stumbles across this thread.


PHP files are not executable, meaning you can't double click them and have them run like your favourite game or any other application. They are special files that have to be interpreted which is what your webserver (such as Uniform Server) will do (provided PHP is installed on the server).


So all you have to do is drop the PHP file into W:/www and then browse to it using your browser: http://localhost/myfile.php

IPB Image


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Ric -- Thanks for the pointer into the Wiki.... lots of good info in there, I'll be spending some time reading it all.


I also bought the book "Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL, and Apache in 24 Hours" (is that a claim or what?) Anyway, it should help me get going quick along with the Wiki.


BTW, the Uniform Server has really been a *fantastic* help, allowing me to get everything installed so quickly and easily (and even though I'm using an old early P-IV as my test box, everything runs plenty fast). Thanks to Uniform, I've only spent one day on this project and already everything is installed and working, plus I'm already writing simple PHP scripts. Great productivity!

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