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I can not find 3.6


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Hi, everybody,


I have spent this las 2 days trying to find my way around the wiki and Uniserver and cannot find the links to the 3.6 version (It looks nice and useful to upgrade despite the overhead).

It might be doing something wrong or it (the Apollo 2 version) has been taken out and we should wait for version 4?

Sorry to bother with this so basic question.

I find Uniserver a great software and use it in my classes (I am teach in a digital art pos-grad course).

Kind regards. Gaston

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Oops! I must apologise, should have removed the Wiki pages and UniCenter references. :)


Anyway I mentioned on the Wiki the development team have been devoting one hundred percent of their time to V4, official name 4.0-Mona this will be going to beta this weekend.


It currently looks very stable, depending on what the beta team find will determine the number of iterations required, and hence a release date is undefined.


Olajide is busy co-ordinating the beta team for my sins I will have to cleanup UniCenter and the Wiki.


4.0-Mona is just around the corner and well worth the wait, its neat compact with some new interesting features.


All the best

Ric :D

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With the release of 4.0-Mona the disappearance of 3.6-Apollo from the Wiki I can now explain.


It was pulled from the Wiki and dismantled; the better ideas and functionality are integrated into Mona along with additional features. The Apollo update would have led to confusion and an impossible task to maintain if left on the Wiki.


Mona has the great advantage in that it has been fully tested and ripped apart by the beta team. The design team have addressed all problems found hence it should be an excellent piece of kit. Mona has a very small footprint while retaining maximum functionality making it ideal as a test, teaching and production server.


All the best

Ric :)

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