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How to start more Apache servers?


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I'm running 3.5-Apollo and using the Apache server to start/manage ong-running local processes via proc_open() (up to 3600 seconds).


But once I kick off 2 of these processes, my Apache server won't respond to any other requests - it just queues them up until one of the servers is free. Looking at the XP task manager, I only see 2 Apache.exe processes at any given time. Plus, my dual CPU usage is only around 25%.


How do I start more servers to handle the other requests?


I'm running the following in my httpd.conf:


<IfModule mpm_winnt.c>

ThreadsPerChild 250

MaxRequestsPerChild 0




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If you want to run dual servers, you best bet would be to try the MiniServer line... They can run besides each other so you can have more than 1 server running at the same time.


You can get it from the SourceForge.net Project Page.

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