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Making a website live + database


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Hey guys,

I recently just got into Dreamweaver and wanted to host my website live on the web. I heard of Uniform Server from a friend and am able to use localhost to host my website perfectly. Now on to the question, I have no idea how to make a database that automaticly puts a username and password that allows access to the site when requested from the account registration page, and also how do I host my website on the WWW?


Sorry if I am so newbie, I have been trying to get this working for days and have had no luck at all.

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The wiki post about creating an account is @ Wiki: DynDNS_Account


for dns update i would recommend inaDyn (install free, only 1 exe, works like a charm, super simple, the best choice for portability).


how to set it up in general and specific info about connecting it to a domain name is in my KB (the link from above)

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