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I have been reading the Mini Server Wiki Articles (Just finished 3, about to start 4) when I decided to try and enable folder listing in one of my folders. I did it by adding

<Directory "/www/list">
Options Indexes

to the .htaccess, unfortunately this did not work. It gave a 404 error saying it couldn't find localhost:80/list (the folder is full of random files so I can see a list).


My apache config is basically exactly the same as at the end of the Server 3 article, any help would be appreciated.

IPB Image


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The mini-servers are reduced in functionality when enabling additional features you may need to add additional modules. The above is a typical case you need to add the module: mod_autoindex.so to folder \udrive\usr\local\apache2\modules


Apache loads this module using the following line:

LoadModule autoindex_module modules/mod_autoindex.so


Add the above to the end of section: Modules in file httpd.conf

Folder: \udrive\usr\local\apache2\conf


Restart the server so Apache loads the module.


In your .htaacess file change this:


Options Indexes




Options Indexes


Note 1: not allowed in htaccess files.


Note 2: If you put .htaccess in the root folder “www” all folders bellows this will display a folder listing if no index page found.


Note 3. If you place the file in folder “list” only that folder and its sub-folders are targeted.




While in httpd.conf add the following to the end of section: Access control


Options Indexes


remove the line “Options Indexes “ from your .htaccess file


This will target only folder “list” and it’s sub-folders


If you wish to target the root and all sub-folders just add the line to this section as shown:


Options Indexes

AllowOverride All

Order allow,deny

Allow from all


One final note, to obtain mod_autoindex.so check out the support page


All the best

Ric :D

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