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Urgent Help... Files gone?


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Hello guys,


I found US a few days ago, and immediately downloaded it. Since then I have been working non stop on my website on the move from a USB device.


I never properly remove USB drives, and thus simply pull it out. I have never had a problem before. I obviously wont be doing that again :blink:


Anyway basically I was on vista, and localhost stopped loading so I pulled it out, put it back in, tried various computers... no success loading US. It says cannot find drive etc.


I put it back into vista pc, and it came up saying this USB drive was not removed properly, I clicked repair.. now US server still wont start, and when I click udrive it doesnt realise it is a folder and asks me what program I want to open it in... The files size of the folder is 5kb...


Where is all my stuff? I CANT do that all again.

Please help1!!!

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Hi Clowes, ;)


Mmmmm, i feel for you but always make sure you back up your work!!


You could try something like this, UndeleteMyFiles 2.6 - not sure if it will work Clowes?




And make sure that you have got view hidden files turned on just in case!


if this doesn’t work maybe someone else might know :blink:



Personal website


Uniform Server - hMail Server - Joomla

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I recently had an interesting experience where a friend had password protected his USB stick and forgot his password. After five attempts he was locked out and his USB stick was rendered useless.


I tried several recovery programs with little success until I found this one:


Undelete Plus v2.97


Managed to recover all his files. The above is currently free, not sure for how long, certainly worth popping into the old toolbox.


With the one Danny recommends you now have two you can try.


Remember you only need to recover the work you lost, US can be re-installed hence not an issue.


Real problem if you have written any new data this may have overwritten the file or files, which will render them irrecoverable. A file may be split, if this is the case try a deep scan assuming tools have this function. You may get strange segment file names; you can always rename these. With split files you will need to patch the segments together.


All the best

Ric :blink:

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