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set up intranet


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Hello -


Try this: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/Be...k_.28Locally.29


Hope that helps.


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Hi cbs48, B) Glad it worked - Just some more info for you, it might help


Now I presume that you have something like this to access your site?


Have you got a .htaccess file in your www root folder ? if you have delete it or change to:


#Order Deny,Allow

#Deny from all

#Allow from


Now to make Joomla into an intranet login to the administrator Panel got to Site – Global Configuration, and select site offline and then save, this will now take your website offline to the general public from accessing it and also give you a login for your users, now for your users to login you need edit this code.




1. // Find this line:

2. if ($this->getCfg('offline') && $user->get('gid') < '23' ) {


3. //Change it to:


4. if ($this->getCfg('offline') && $user->get('gid') < '18' ) {


Now all registered users can login to your intranet.


You might also want to adapt the look of the login page to your site.

Here we don't need to hack a thing, as we can use template overrides. Copy the file /templates/system/offline.php to /templates/[YOUR_TEMPLATE]/offline.php. It's plain HTML with some PHP tags, so you should have no problem editing it to your liking. Changing the graphics and some text will be sufficient for most people.


Hope that helps


Danny :D

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