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Uniform Server on a VM running Windows Server 2003


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I have been running a company website using Uniform Server on a Dell Machine with Windows XP for about a month. Our business is starting to run low on our computer stock and it is not in the budget to but new pcs until next year, thus I decided to give up my machine to use on our call floor. I had the network admin make me a VM to run it on. On this VM when I start the server I get the splash screen for the Uniform Server admin page, and then a page cannot be found error. On any other machine it pulls the apanel up just fine. Has anyone else had any experience using Uniform Server on a Server 2003 VM? Any suggestions? Any help would be quite appreciated.

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When you get the Page Cannot Be Found, what happens when you refresh the browser? Actually it may not have redirected, try pointing your browser to http://localhost/apanel/.



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