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404 Error on apanel


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Thanks for this great piece of work!


This may be a dumb question as I cannot find it on the Forum.


After I 'installed' US on my desktop and start it using any of the options, I get to the blue page with the US logo in the middle, and get redirected to a http://localhost/apanel. There I get a 404 error. When I browse to just http://localhost, I get 'It works!'. I am running this from the virtual W drive. I have no Skype. I have also checked if there are any other programs listening on 80, and there are none.


Also, does this server support mod_perl applications?


Again, thanks for the great work, and once I get this thing up and running, the button I will click is the 'Donate' one.

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A solution for the 404 error:


Open Server_start.bat


Locate the line:


start %apanel%\redirect.html


Just above this line add the following four lines:


ping -n 1 -w 1000 > nul
\home\admin\program\pskill.exe apache.exe > nul
IF ERRORLEVEL 1 goto :next


You can find more information on this page:






Check out:



And this page, in particular the section on “Problems – shebang”




All the best

Ric :)

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