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I have just finished developing my application and wabt to move to a live state. I have a web domain and a server (windows pc) that I acces over the net. The application is in a folder located in www. At present I access http://'IP address'/'folder name'/ . I notice www on the udrive has a file index.php which I also have in my application. Is it safe to delete this file? I . would then replace the Ip address with my domain name so it would be http://www.'domain name'/'index.php'

I realise there are other steps to running a production environment also. Is there a tutorial available?

thank you

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You can safely remove everything in folder www however it is worth keeping the htaccess file.


To put servers on-line remember to comment out these lines in htaccess


#Order Deny,Allow

#Deny from all

#Allow from


I would recommend keeping favicon.ico or replacing it with one of your own. Most browsers automatically request it, if not found you get an error in your log file.


Tutorials take a look at the Wiki:






All the best

Ric :)

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