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Hello everyone, I am new to Uniform Server and to PHP/mySQL generally.


I want to setup an e-shop for my store and currently I am doing tests on my laptop. Up to now I installed Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.6 and mySQL 5.0.51 as separate packages (not using something like Uniform Server) because I was told that in my live environment I will have to install and configure each component separately in order to achieve maximum security. After investigating the web, I have come to your site where I saw that Uniform Server in contrast to WAMP, EasyPHP etc, is applicable to production environments as well.


My question is: I have two servers that I would like to use as my production environment (one Web and one Database). If I do a manual installation of the components, I would install Apache and PHP on the Web Server and mySQL on the Database Server. Can I achieve the same configuration with Uniform Server?


Thanks for your time!

George Sovatzis

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No its not possible to achieve a seperate db and webserver enviroment with uniform server and maintain the standalone functionality without modifing it ALOT. The effort todo this is the same or even bigger then installing the components and configurating those.


Generally i would NOT recommend using UFS for productive servers, the default configuration is way to unsecure, so its not applicable to use it on a production server like stated.

Even if it was configurated in a secure way, its impossible to create a configuration that would match your server system and needs perfectly, performance and module wise.


I dont want to sound harsh but it seems to me that you are not so experienced in the field of server managment, so i would recommend you to put the server setup and managment into professional hands! A bad setup server can do more harm then good. (E-Mail Spaming and abuse of your server)

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