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Start_Server.bat Failure...


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As part of my process of my reloading my computer I've been trying to move my UniServer Installation from my hard drive (back) to a USB drive. When I attempt to run the server directly from the start_server.bat on the drive, i get an error that it cannot find the location requested. Yet, when I use a shortcut I created for a Uniform Server in the exact location, it works. What is going to happen when I bring the USB drive to another computer (other than my own) and attempt to run the server.


An addendum...considering myself an intermediate, if not an advanced user, I frequently reassign the drive letter that is assigned to the USB drive when I use them on my computer.


(In the same vein, I have found that when assigning a usb drive to "a" or "b", Windows XP "sees" it as a floppy drive.)

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Ok, first you might need to restart your PC, try it again, and this time, the main Server_Start.bat and not the shortcut. It should work regardless of whether or not your moved it from another location. It doesnt save location, its mobile so that shouldnt be a problem.


Let me know if it works.

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