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Okay, wow, funny how life plays its quriks on you from time to time :-)


Sorry for the delayed and promised new version, although i guess most of you did not way very eagerly for it =p




Note the version jump, i toyed so much around so i created an internal version to not get confused :)


Changelog - Version 0.9.4

  • Moved the license file into the most upper directory.
  • Used the correct BSD License template for the license file.
  • Added a textblock about third party software at the top of the license file. (You should include this textblock into your version also)
  • Added myself to the copyright list.
  • Added a PHP Console that pipes userinput to the PHP CLI. PHP Nerds will like this imho. :)
  • Added a configuration file that is used by the start/stopfiles and the php console. Its located at /etc/uniform-server.bat.
  • Added/programmed a configuration manager which allows me to modify the config file via command line. Its located at /usr/sbin/config-manager.bat.
  • Readded the "udrive" directory but named it "_uniformserver". It now contains the linux like directory structure.
  • Removed the /home directory, added the /opt directory instead, plugins should reside here from now on.
  • Removed /var/tmp, added /tmp instead. This directory and all sub directory will be cleared on shutdown!
  • Removed the UniController.exe, who used it anyway?
  • Renamed start-uniserver.vbs to start-uniserver-guided.vbs :P
    Maybe ill remove it also imho its not needed anymore (see changes).
  • Major rewrite of the start file.
    • Added more documentation and a docblock.
    • Errorchecking is now performed before the server starts (Is apache/mysql running? Do we have config settings?)
    • The to-be-used drive is checked for availability! If the drive letter is taken by a system drive, the user will be prompted to enter a valid drive letter.
      The new drive letter will be saved to the configuration file and reused on the next startup.
    • Symlinks to important directory will be created on startup.
    • Added first time startup detection. At the moment the license file will be opened on the first startup.
    • Errors of the pskill.exe are now handled properly

    [*]Major rewrite of the stop file!

    • Added alot more documentation and a docblock.
    • Merged the two seperate shutdown files into one, there is now only one, the stop-uniserver.bat.
      If the watcher is running when shuting down the server, the watcher gets killed to prevent a major FUBAR.
    • The overall shutdown process got improved. Checking for applications etc.
    • Apache is now shut down properly instead of being killed. (check the log :))
    • Symlinks to important directory will be removed on shutdown.
    • The /tmp directory will be cleaned on shutdown.

    [*]Added process.exe and linkd.exe both can be found at /usr/sbin.

    process.exe is used to issue the WM_CLOSE message to apache.

    linkd.exe is used for symlink managment.

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What exactly do you need?


Copy pasting the change logs i posted here into one file should documentate all changes i made :)


Or do you want the current change status compared to the main uniform trunk?

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I want a file with all the changes you've made to the main Uniform Server. That way i can compare and see.


Hmm okay, i hope this list fullfiles your needs, although i am sure i missed something you would be interested in or forgot to mention a cool new feature :)

So if something is unclear feel free to ask ill try my best to explain it to you then.


I am starting at the most upper directory and then continue the description of the subdirectorys one by one in alphabetical order.

  • Removed "Disk Start.vbs", its not needed anymore the new start files fulfils this function.
  • Renamed "Server_Start.bat" to "start-uniserver.bat".
  • Rewrote the "start-uniserver.bat", i recommend you take a look at the code, it says more then this description.
    • Using the UFS configuration file for paths, parameters and even more. Allmost all can be configured with this file now.
    • Added more on screen ouput.
    • Added error checking.
      Is Apache/Mysql running?
      The user will be asked to enter a drive letter if the default one is allready in use. The new drive letter will be saved to the UFS configuration file and reused.
    • Extending the windows PATH enviroment variable to be able to load various needed dlls by php or other apps without storing those dlls in the application folder.
    • Added first start detection, various actions like opening the readme can now be taken if the server gets started the first time.
    • Added logging of the startup process! (this feature is already finished and will be included in the next version)
    • Added creation of symlink on startup to important directorys.
    • In my humble opinion i also made the startup process more error resistant.

    [*]Renamed "Stop.bat" to "stop-uniserver.bat".

    [*]Rewrote the "stop-uniserver.bat", i recommend you take a look at the code, it says more then this description.

    • Using the UFS configuration file for paths, parameters and even more. Allmost all can be configured with this file now.
    • Added more on screen ouput.
    • Merged the "/udrive/home/admin/program/close.bat" into the new shutdown file, the old close.bat is not needed anymore.
    • Added checks of the various applications to perform specific actions only if an application is running and to prevent errors when one of them is not running.
      I think "a modular shutdown file" describes it the best.
    • The apache process is shutdown properly now instead of being killed.
    • Added logging of the shutdown process! (this feature is already finished and will be included in the next version).
    • Added deletion of the created symlinks in the startup process.
    • Added cleanup of the "/tmp" directory and all subfolder on shutdown. The directory structure will be preserved.

    [*]Removed "UniController.exe", the new start files fulfils this function.

    [*]Added php-console.bat, a proxy bat file to the PHP CLI with some default settings.

    [*]Added the "LICENSE.txt" file to the root directory to avoid problems :)

    The licensetext is now based on the official BSD license template, it also contains a note written by myself about third party software used in the package.

    [*]Renamed "udrive" to "_uniformserver".

    All now mentioned paths are relative to this directory because of reading simplicity.

    • Moved "/docs" to "/usr/doc"
    • Moved "/docs/src" to "/usr/src"
    • Moved _all_ configuration files (apache, mysql php, etc.) into "/etc".
      • Completely rewrote the Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration files!
      • Added alot of Mods to Apache and Extensions to PHP.
      • Added a new regex alias! (In my view this is an important change, it spares the user of creating new vhosts and modifing his lmhost file.) A tilde at the start of the directory part in the url allows you to change the current document root to the specified directory.
        Some examples! Remember the default document root is "/srv/www/localhost"
        "" resolves to "/srv/www/phpmyadmin/"
        "" resolves to "/srv/www/uni-panel/".
      • Added the "uniform-server.bat" that contains various configuration parameters needed for the start-, stop files and php console.

      [*]Removed the "/home" directory

      The contents of "/home/admin/program" got moved to "/usr/sbin"

      The contents of "/home/admin/www" got moved to "/srv/www/uni-panel".

      phpMyAdmin and phpMyBackupPro are now stored in their own folders inside of "/srv/www"

      [*]Moved the "/htpasswd" directory to "/var/htpasswd", the content of the directory now reflects the target path of the htacces files.

      [*]Removed "/plugins", added "/opt" instead. All plugins should reside here from now on.

      [*]Added various subdirectorys to "/tmp", all applications should now use this directory for their temporary data.

      [*]Added various dlls to the "/usr/lib" directory that are needed by some php extensions.

      [*]Updated apache, php and mysql to the newst current version. The applications stayed where they are in "/usr/local"

      [*]Added "/usr/sbin", all files or applications needed for the start or stop process are now stored in here.

      "process.exe" and "linkd.exe" are two new applications! "process.exe" is used to emit the WM_CLOSE message to apache, "linkd.exe" is needed for the creation of the symlink directorys.

      Also the "configuration-managar.bat" is stored in here, this file is used for modifying the configuration file of UFS.

      [*]"/www" got moved into the new "/srv" directory.

      [*]Added "/var", the directory contains various folders.

      • "/var/htpasswd" Allready described :)
      • "/var/log" Logilfes :P
      • "/var/mysql" The mysql database is stored in here.
      • "/var/run" PID files go here. Currenlty only mysql and apache use this directory.
      • "/var/ssl.crt" The SSL cert.

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