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Maximum execution time of x seconds exceeded


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Ladies and Gentlemen!


I wrote an upload script with PHP that should be able to upload files with filesize up to 50MB (or more ...). Here are some lines from php.ini:

max_execution_time = 3600

max_input_time = 60

memory_limit = 64M

post_max_size = 50M

upload_max_filesize = 50M


When i upload a file with a filesize of about 3MB i get this error after 3-4 minutes:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 3600 seconds exceeded in W:\www\upload.php on line x


I don't know whats wrong. 3600 seconds should be one hour, right? Why do i get this error after 3 minutes?

Can anyone help me?


Don't know if its helpful:

Server OS is: Win 2000 Server

Uniform Server Version: 3.5

Do you need more information? Please left me know.





PS: its a fact, that the filesize should be up to 50 MB. I know that its easier with FTP ;-)

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