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How to get US to run on startup on Vista?


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Hi gang,


I've got my production server running Uniformserver, and it's working a treat - it's even sorted out a few long-standing issues I'd had with my cobbled-together setup of al of the products!


I'm running US on Vista Home Premium and unfortunately, Vista's networking is a little flakey at times and occasionally I need to reboot the server several times in a row to get it to see the network again.


Unfortunately, as US is not installed as a service (and I'd rather it wasn't for now) I cannot get it to start whenever the machine starts up.


I've got it set as an option in the Startup folder which works fine when I log on, but I'd like to be able to reboot without then having to log onto my account just to get US up and running.


I've tried setting up a scheduled task that starts when the machine starts up, but it always fails. I think it might be an authority issue of some sort but can't get my head aorund what to do to sort it.


Anyone else here managed to get US to start on machine startup without it being a service? On Vista?


Cheers guys,


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Thank Olajide, but I was hoping not to set it up as a service in case I wanted to move/rename the folders, hence trying to get it to start with a scheduled task.


I'll keep looking to see if I can get it to work, but may end up using services anyway.




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