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Oily Rag 2 - Published


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I have just published Oily Rag 2 you may find some of the information of interest. :)




What’s covered?


1) How to rip Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo apart. :huh:


2) How to rebuild a new control system :)


3) Want a new tray menu do your own thing with PStart B)


4) Wish UniController would do what you want build a new one :lol:


5) Want to zap your mind with “C” try lcc-win32 :)


Oily Rag is all about getting your hands dirty! Have fun ;)


All the best

Ric :)


PS This may be the last write-up for sometime! My hard drive is making un-characteristic noises. The knock-knock I can handle but the 50-minuete start-up time is a pain. That’s apart from the difficulties it now has with finding files, that said it’s extremely efficient and excels at creating bad sectors and corrupt file descriptors. :o

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Yep replaced the hard drive a quick plug for HP the disks they supplied worked like a charm, had me laptop up and running in no time. :)


All my new write-ups will be on the Wiki trying to transfer UniCenter over just takes an incredible amount of time. :)


By the way, do you think it is possible to compile SlimFTPd with LCC?

Not sure! But I think not since it requires Visual C++ 2005 runtime library. I would assume it requires Visual C++ to compile. LCC is for the likes of myself simple C hacker. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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