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3.5-Apollo bugs and issues


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Uniform Server 3.5-Aollo is a very robust piece of kit however with the passage of time several bugs and issues have come to light. I have located these in one place with proposed solutions.


What’s covered:


1) Server_Start.bat


For disk_start.vbs to work correctly batch variable %2 must be reinstated.


The third parameter %3 (Console) seems to be redundant no idea what it’s original purpose was. When run it just leaves the command prompt open, which is of little use.

Proposal let this open a command prompt accessing the MySQL bin folder will allow command line control of the MySQL server using mysql.exe and mysqladmin.exe.


2) disk_start.vbs


This is a beta script and contains a known bug even after correcting this the script will not work unless parameter %2 is reinstated see above.


3) Close.bat


This script shuts down the MySQL server and removes virtual drive created. When MySQL root password is changed this script fails to pick it up and server remains running.


4) config.inc.php


In vary rare situations the environment variable “Disk” is not passed to PHP. In this event the script calculates its own path and extracts and uses this disk letter. Unfortunately there is a bug that produces an incorrect drive letter.


5) Apanel blown away


In php.ini turning off “short open tags” blows apanel away, sounds alarming! It is re-enabling short open tags does not reinstate apanel.


That sounds alarming; it’s not a problem unless you change the php.ini file.


Combined bug fix


All the above fixes have been zipped to a single file to make the update easer check this page for details.




I understand there will be a new release of 3.5-Apollo with all bugs fixed, release date unknown. It all really does take time requires testing on all platforms and OS’es however my fixes have been tested only on XP-Home.

All the best

Ric :)


PS I would be interested in any feed back like does it work or is it of any use.

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While reading through New Users: Quick Perl CGI



I discovered the Perl update got lost when transferring over to the Wiki. :blink:


This can now be found on page:



This update is also included in the combined fix:




All the best

Ric ;)

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