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How to install a new language?


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I use Uniform Server 3.5. The phpMyAdmin-Version is at default in english.

I want to install german-utf-8.inc.php and copied the file in "home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\lang" but i cant choose an other language than english. Then I tried to edit the config.inc.php in "home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin" and set the language to

// Default language to use, if not browser-defined or user-defined
$cfg['DefaultLang'] = 'de-utf-8';

But i still can't choose an other language and the default is still english.


What can I do?


Thank you for answering. :)

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Look in folder *\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin\lang you will notice it contains a minimum language set (English). This is intentional because it reduces US’s footprint.


If you want an additional or full set of language files download the full version of phpMyAdmin from


http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/downloads.php (Use the get older versions link)


Alternatively use the following link to go directly to the download page:




Make sure the version is phpMyAdmin 2.10.2 (as used on US 3.5-Apollo)


Extract the zip file to any folder, pick-up required language file/s from the lang folder and copy to the above Uniform Server folder.


All the best

Ric :)

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Oops! Well that’s a pain; I searched the net for a copy for you to download however that was in vain.


The other alternative is to download a new version and install that. Down side it would increase phpMyAdmin from 5M to 14M, I have not fully tested it however certainly worth trying.


1) Preparation:

Rename the following folder:

*\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin


*\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin_2


Note: The new version will be copied to folder phpMyAdmin the folder phpMyAdmin_2 will allow you to easily switch back (i.e. delete folder phpMyAdmin and rename phpMyAdmin_2 back to phpMyAdmin)


2) Copy file:

Copy file config.inc.php from folder phpMyAdmin_2 to folder phpMyAdmin


3) Download:

Go to http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/downloads.php

Download the following file: all-languages.zip


4) Unzip:

Unzip to any folder of your choice.

You may find two folders named: phpMyAdmin-


Open the last one and copy all (folders and files) its content to folder


*\Uniform Server\udrive\home\admin\www\phpMyAdmin


5) Test:

Run Uniform Server, from apanel run phpMyAdmin, that’s it.


I had a quick check of config.inc.php it should work with no changes.


Again I apologise for the wild goose chase, thought there would have been archived older copies. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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Excellent, glad it works for you. I had no problem reading your posts only with my solution.


I have popped this solution on UniCenter, while doing so discovered I forgot to publish some related pages.


These can be found here:




All the best


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