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Plugin Management System by BananaAcid


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well i am working on it...



specs have been written... AVC dependend (uses plugin.config and plugin.version files).


supports plugin lists.



plugin developers should include the AVC plugin files. wont harm, and is no big deal+work,

but supports future features of the plugin system.


The following features are going to be added:

- downloading of packages to /plugins/pluginpackname folders

- installation of /plugins/pluginpackname folders (contain version+zip file)

(zip file contains the full structure and the plugin.config)

- deinstallation of plugins (without the pluginpackname folder, by uding the plugin.config file)

- list by retriving .urls files (containing plugin urls to plugin.version files)


http://BananaAcid.de.vu/?usplgmgr -> specs.html

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click to see the big one


First preview of the Plugin Manager - yes, what you see is woking.


it uses urls lists to find versionfiles. by now, there is only my urls list referenced in the pluginmgr.conf.


it does so far:

collect version information of available version files and organizes them.

create the plugin list. create categories (which i do not show as i have to extend the plugin manager helper class to pre organize them according to a search/sort criteria)


working, but not included:

version comperisson (to display a hint if you have an outdated version)

downloading (not sure: ajax or by a neverending php script ?)

installing (will be easy as it is only extracting and keeping track - writing filenames+foldernames to plugin.config)


and needs a pretty interface...


check it out so far....



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