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Kepler (Lua)


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We all know PHP, but did you know its possible to code a page in Lua?

Yes Lua, World of Warcraft uses Lua... and a lot of other games and programs.


I created a plugin to integrate Kepler into Uniform Server.


Try it out.


After installation, the docs contains also the Kepler docs.


Binding is by CGI. Hope you can live with it.





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mind the new version that removes the bugs so far and is now bullet proof. (stable)


Version 1.3.4



Please post a comment, if you like it, if you found bugs, have trouble or anything.

You can also post anything about it at my KnowledgeBase (link is above the downloads at my page).

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So it integrates into our server and not a fork right??


And i like how you used the Version Check also for the plugins.. Nice idea.. lol. i like it a lot.

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