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In my write-up on this page:




I skipped signed certificates because of the real cost to home users, seems I have no real reason to use that excuse anymore I am looking at CAcert and their free server certificates.


Any views or opinions on server certificates? :)


All the best

Ric :)

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I thought a quick write-up would be sufficient to address the above. Trouble with that idea was a lack of real foundations. My solution was to attacth a new project covering first the foundations and then leading onto a signed certificate.


Project consists of the following:


1) PC lock down – secure your PC XP-Home




2) No-IP – If you do not have a domain name try this alternative




3) hMailServer – How to install and run on Uniform Server.

(Please note this is not a portable server, it was never designed to be other than a real mail server running as a service.) The real problem I have with it, just cannot bring myself to click the uninstall button. It sits there working flawlessly, as a test server adding additional domains and user accounts is a snip.




4) PHP mail function – digression how to set up an smtp server for use with PHP




5) CAcert – How to obtain a signed server certificate.




Easter in the UK looks as if it’s going to be cold and windy. If you have time on your hands enjoy.


All the best


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