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NEWBIE Question: Setting up Uniform Server 3.5 + gotdns.com with a LiveBox...


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I am setting up Uniform Server 3.5 to start programming websites with database

probably php mysql


i just installed uniform server 3.5 - no problem and changed the passwords etc on my panel


I got a freedomaine from dydns.com ..

so i have a domaine of: http://xxxxxxmydomainenamexxxxx.gotdns.com/


and im on a portable, so i have installed the dns auto updater from there too...


but when i look at my http://xxxdomainxxx.gotdns.com , i only see the livebox administration page?


i put up a dry index.html page in the udrive/www folder to see if it worked ok and renamed the current index.php to old...


but nothing has changed...

i will next try to amend the index php file or learn a bit more php to understand....


all advice truly welcome!


Thanks in advance for all ur help :)

Im sure this might be the first question of many!



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Essentially you have it working! I mean the DynDNS to your PC.


When you see the “livebox information page” that’s as far as an external user is allowed to go.


To allow a user to go further inside your “livebox” and onto to your web server you need to open port 80 this is called Port forwarding.


I am assuming this is an “Orange Livebox” not sure of the details however will be somthing like this:

1. Go to “configuration.adsl” or type in your web browser

2. On the left hand side, there is a menu of options. Go to Configuration > Advanced> Router

3. You’ll get the “Port forwarding” screen

4. To add a new service, click “add”

5. Choose from the pre-configured services from the dropdown list, or select the “Manual Service” radio button and type a meaningful name for the new service (without spaces or special characters), for example “webserver2”.

6. You will need to choose “TCP” from the protocol dropdown

7. Type in the port used to access the server default 80

8. Finally type the Internal IP Address of the pc which the server is running on..


I have never used an “Orange Livebox” anyway at least you know what to search for on the Internet.


Note 8: To find your PC IP address open a command prompt

Start > run > type cmd press ok

Then type ipconfig /all look for IP Address 192.168.*.* and use that


All the best

Ric :)

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