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Stretched Limo


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Uniform Server for whatever reason reminded me of a stretched limo thought I would chop it up into three minis!


I have just published three mini servers either is portable or may be run as a service. In reality there are six versions as follows (portable and service):


Apache 2.2.8 - (compressed 569KB uncompressed 1.77MB)

Apache 2.2.2 PHP 5.2.5 (compressed 2.52MB uncompressed 8.12MB)

Apache 2.2.2 Perl 5.10 (compressed 1.08MB uncompressed 3.57MB)


For each server I have included working demo code and or single page web site and a PHP guest book on the PHP server, I personally find it far easier to hack working code.


If you are interested in the above check out UniCenter and no I am not into car sales!


Olajide many thanks for the disk space and bandwidth; I have great admiration for the code that makes these mini servers portable (ripped from Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo). :)


I would be interest in any feedback from new users to find out if these mini servers are useful in anyway. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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  • 4 months later...

The mini server have been moved over to the Wiki and updated.




UC Server 1a Portable (Download 456KB Uncompressed 1.03MB) Apache 2.2.9

UC Server 1b Service (Download 404KB Uncompressed 904KB) Apache 2.2.9

UC Server 1c Portable (Download 472KB Uncompressed 1.24MB) Apache 2.2.9 - Includes htaccess, authentication and mod-rewrite

UC Server 1d - SSL Portable (Download 1M Uncompressed 2.99MB)Apache 2.2.9 - As server 1c with added protection of SSL

UC Server 1d - SSL Standalone Portable (Download 0.99M Uncompressed 2.95MB) Apache 2.2.9 - As server 1d SSL Standalone no main server on port 80

UC Server 2a Portable (Download 2.03MB Uncompressed 6.07MB) Apache 2.2.9 PHP 5.2.6 - Includes Guest Book

UC Server 2b Service (Download 2.28MB Uncompressed 7.03MB) Apache 2.2.9 PHP 5.2.6 - Includes Guest Book

UC Server 3a Portable (Download 960KB Uncompressed 2.67MB) Apache 2.2.9 Perl 5.10

UC Server 3b Service (Download 1.07MB Uncompressed 3.51MB) Apache 2.2.9 Perl 5.10


Main intro page:




All the best

Ric :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

The mini servers have changed a little, now incorporate auto-drive detection (portable versions) each moved to a unique port. Extended mini-server range to include MySQL series 4 and 5.


Advantage of the above modifications you can now run all mini servers alongside Uniform Server 3.5-Apollo. In addition they are multiple servers, meaning you can run them all at the same time!!


Mini server overview:


Server 1 Portable (451KB/1MB) Apache 2.2.9 Port 8081

Server 2 Service (402KB/821KB) Apache 2.2.9 Port 8082

Server 3 Portable (475KB/1.17MB) Apache 2.2.9 Port 8083 Includes htaccess, authentication and mod-rewrite

Server 4 Portable (1MB/2.89MB) Apache 2.2.9 Port 8084/444 As server 3 with added protection of SSL

Server 5 Portable (1MB/2.87MB) Apache 2.2.9Port 8085 As server 4 SSL Standalone no main server on port 8084

Server 6 Portable (2.02MB/5.87MB) Apache 2.2.9 PHP 5.2.6 Port 8086 Includes Guest Book

Server 7 Service (2.27MB/6.59MB) Apache 2.2.9 PHP 5.2.6 Port 8087 Includes Guest Book

Server 8 Portable (2.47MB/7.93MB) Apache 2.2.9 PHP 5.2.6 Port 8088 Includes GBook, PHP Mini SQL Admin and MySQL support enabled.

Server 9 Portable (953KB/2.54MB) Apache 2.2.9 Perl 5.10 Port 8089

Server 10 Service (904MB/2.36MB) Apache 2.2.9 Perl 5.10 Port 8090

Server 11 Portable (1.85MB/10.2MB) Port 3311 MySQL 5.0.51b Server

Server 12 Service (1.85MB/10.2MB) Port 3312 MySQL 5.0.51b Server

Server 13 Portable (1.46MB/6.38MB) Port 3313 MySQL 4.1.22 Server

Server 14 Service (1.46MB/6.37MB) Port 3314 MySQL 4.1.22 Server


Note: You can use Uniform Server’s built in phpMyAdmin to administer all mini MySQL servers, for details see Wiki. Worthy of note for its encrypted passwords and data is Server 5 making it a very secure personal server. Browsers dislike self-signed certificates this is covered in detail on the Wiki.


Have fun

Ric :)

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Extended range: Includes five ready-to-go servers. Complete range as shown:


Server 15 Portable (1.46MB/6.37MB) Port 8095/3315 MediaWiki 1.12.0

Server 16 Portable (1.46MB/6.37MB) Port 8096/3316 WordPress 2.6.1

Server 17 Portable (1.46MB/6.37MB) Port 8097/3317 phpBB-3.0.2

Server 18 Portable (1.46MB/6.37MB) Port 8098/3318 Joomla 1.5.6

Server 19 Portable (1.46MB/6.37MB) Port 8098/3318 Vcalendar




All the best

Ric :)

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Hmm, i dont know what i should think about this? Are there people who really use these miniservers?


I have seen projects that also created a bazillion of sub branches but went back to maintaining one main branch because people where confused about the mass.

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Hi Ota I apologise just added the final mini-server now I have a bazillion and one.


Each mini-server is intended to demonstrate a particular aspect of Apache and MySQL hopefully in an easy to understand way. I have tried to remove the wood so you can see the trees. Having the ability to run several servers on a single PC allows you to model certain network configurations, mini-server 20 attempts this using real applications on several mini servers.




I have had to re-publish all the portable mini-servers, they now work on Vista.


I would like to express my sincerest gratitude and thanks to DannyH for devoting a great deal of his personal time in testing; in particular locating the bug, which prevented the mini-servers working on Vista Home Premium.


The mini-servers are not isolated entities eventually I will be moving some tutorials over to the Wiki that use them, just takes time. Trouble is I get site-tracked and look at new material and publish that instead.


All the best

Ric :blink:

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