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telnet into mysql


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I would like to telnet into mysql to upload a large database file. But I can't seem to connect to my localhost server.


I've searched on the board and only found a couple hits on this but doesn't actually touch on what my problem is.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I am not sure if you have asked the right question!

Hey! Then again I have been a bit dim lately :)


Are you uploading this large database over the Internet or locally?


Do you just want command line access to the MySQL server in preference to using phpMyAdmin?

Command line access:


1) Have the servers running

2) Open a command prompt (start > run > type cmd > ok)

3) Type the following lines (press return after each line)


cd usr\local\mysql\bin

mysql -u root –p

root ------- root is the default password, use yours

8) You will now have a MySQL prompt save or upload your large database.

9) Use \q to exit MySQL prompt and click top right cross to exit command prompt.


Anyway to answer the question “But I can't seem to connect to my localhost server.”


Edit (Ric):


I have edited this section because I believe the original was incorrect.

I tried to telnet the MySQL server and it does connect however returns garbage; I believe it should return the version number. No idea why garbage is returned. :)



All the best

Ric :)

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