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Some time ago Stefano had a small problem with ModRewrite


more precisely a regex problem. After this I had several requests for how to run ModRewrite on Uniform Server. It’s taken a while, I have written a tutorial and added it to the end of the new user section:


# New Users Home

# Quick Install

# Quick HTML

# Quick HTML Templates

# Quick MySQL

# Quick PERL - CGI

# Quick PERL - PM (Perl Module) Problems

# Quick PERL - CLI

# Quick PHP - CGI (Dual mode CLI)

# Quick PHP - CLI (Dual mode CLI)

# Quick Python - CGI

# hosts File

# Mod Rewrite - Tutorial - Download examples


Not sure if that was the best place to put it. However it is complete with working examples (running mod rewrite from htaccess and vhost). Included is an example that stresses the need to use server relative links when using clean URLs. This is a simple single page web site using PHP (not a database in site).


While testing some of the examples my dyslexic keyboard (malfunctioning space bar) introduced several errors in httpd config, killing Apache stone dead. This resulted in a new page on UniCenter “debugging” (how to check config syntax) here you will find a batch file that saves you typing console (DOS) commands.


Links to the appropriate pages:


Mod Rewrite:



Mod Rewrite processing sequence:






All the best

Ric :)

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I am in the process of completing one more tutorial; I see the last one, mod rewrite had little response. :) Suppose the next will suffer the same fate. It covers using Uniform Server as a reverse proxy and extends mod rewrite a little. :)


These things take a long time to write and test, wondering if I have lost the plot or is there anything you would like covered. :(


UniCenter as far as I am concerned is aimed squarely at new users. :)


Hence the question is aimed at you “anything you would like covered”; I have been know to visit and show where the on off switch is. (Seriously that’s true) B)


Well if there is nothing new to be covered, perhaps I will update some of the old pages. :)


All the best

Ric :)

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I have completed my write-up on using Uniform Server as a proxy server. It also includes running more than one instance of Apache and MySQL on the same PC.



I do admit not fully tested however does server as a starting if you want to explore this area.


I have added a few extra tips on the debugging page:



I personally find the batch file to check Apache’s configuration file very useful. Using it I have managed to hack a copy of Apache 2.2.8 into Uniform Servers architecture, not sorted all the bugs yet, can’t wait for Uniform Server’s design team to show how it should be done.


All the best



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