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hung on apanel redirect


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I installed 3.5 and started using Server_Start.bat. I get the purple screen with The Uniform Server logo in the middle and a message on the top of the screen that Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running. I click on the message and allow the blocked content to run. The purple screen remains, the tab at the top alternates between Uniform Server and Connecting, message at the bottom says waiting for http://localhost/apanel, a completion bar with green boxes flashes on and off. Seems to be hung up.



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I have the same problem. The purple logo screen stays on the screen for a while while at the bottom left there is a message "connecting to local host. Then the screen goes blank(white), no apanel as per the instructions. The tab has http://localhost/apanel. I have 3.3 and running xp. I have changed the port for skype but stll no result



OK now. Thought I had v3.5, but it was v3.3. Started over with v3.5 and all is working now. Not sure if it was a v3.3 problem or just operator error in installing.

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