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cannot connect to http://localhost


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ok, so i'm admittedly a complete newbie at this.

i've downloaded 3.5, and have installed it. i can run the program and get to apanel, but when i attempt to load http://localhost i get an "HTTP 404 not found" message.

as far as i know, i'm supposed to be able to type in 'localhost' and be redirected to apanel, but this doesn't happen. it works when i go to 'http://localhost/apanel', but 'http://localhost/' or anything like that doesn't work. i've checked to make sure IIS is disabled, i don't have a firewall running, and i'm 99% sure nothing is running on port 80 (i've done the netstat listening thing in the cmd prompt).

all that i'm using uniform server for is local testing of my website; i just want to get it loading! :)

please excuse the layman's terms, but i'm not very technical. heck, i'm surprised i've gotten this far myself!


any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks! :(

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I find your post interesting because your servers are clearly working. Let me explain,


When you ran the program it automatically redirected to apanel displaying it in your browser. The Apache server has served this page to your browser hence your server is working.


Note: You can display apanel at any time by typing either http://localhost/apanel or http://localhost/a into your browser. (Again shows server is working)


When you typed http://localhost into your browser you received a 404-page error this page is served by Apache when it cannot find the requested page. If you do not specify a page Apache assumes you wish to download an index page. It searches the folder www for an index page in the following order:


index.html index.shtml index.html.var index.htm index.php3 index.php index.pl index.cgi


It will display the first one it finds. Uniform Server’s default installation uses index.php that displays the Uniform Server logo in the centre of your browser.


That’s what should be displayed when you type: http://localhost or http://localhost/index.php into your browser.


If the folder www does not contain an index page Apache will generate a listing of the folder contents and display that. It should not generate a 404-page error.


You should get a 404-page error if you typed something like http://localhost/zzzzzzzz.html because clearly that page does not exist.


Bottom line I cannot see why you get a 404 error for http://localhost :)

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well, i'm not sure exactly why it wasn't loading localhost at all, but i ended up uninstalling/reinstalling everything a few times, getting frustrated, and downloading wamp5 and localhost loaded there, even though the index page for my website would NOT load. i ended up figuring out that the problem was that the index page was trying to load the original installer for the cart i use, and that i needed to go through the configuration again to specify the correct pathways.

anyhow, thanks for trying! :)

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Thanks for the feedback, it explains why the 404 error which puzzled me.

I understand the frustration; glad you have something up and running.

At the end of the day they are only tools now you can concentrate on the real work.


All the best

Ric :)

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