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MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away ( Error Number : 2006 )


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i got vbulletin in my server and when i try to download attachment zip file it gives me error

Database error in vBulletin 3.6.8:



Invalid SQL:

INSERT INTO attachment

(dateline, thumbnail_dateline, visible, userid, extension, filename, posthash, filehash, filesize, filedata)





MySQL Error : MySQL server has gone away

Error Number : 2006

Date : Saturday, December 29th 2007 @ 02:00:12 PM

Script : http://www.????????.co.uk/newattachment.ph...geattach&p=

Referrer : http://www.?????????.co.uk/newattachment.p...d794e2d88e6aeea

IP Address :

Username : redbull

Classname : vB_Database




do you have any idea why this is happening please; i am trying to sort this problem 2 days without sleeping

many thanks



i mean ; when i try to upload attachment in the forum if its more than 1mb it gives me this error if its smaller than 1mb i can upload no problem

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I am not sure if you have reached the maximum size limit set in either the client or MySql server. The default max_allowed_packet size set in Uniform Server is 1M.


To change this value open file my-small located in folder:


*\Uniform Server\udrive\usr\local\mysql\bin


Locate the line:


set-variable = max_allowed_packet=1M


Change it to something like:


set-variable = max_allowed_packet=16M


If 16M not large enough increase it. (Not sure what is the max value allowed) :D


All the best

Ric :)

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I tried that link; i don't know why but it doesn't open in my pc; nothing happens!!. But find another way from "Attachment Storage Type" i made new folder and now all the files locate in that folder, many thanks.


many thanks for your fast reply.

i like to ask you another question please; i am trying to build a safe server; but i don't know much about servers. I heard ddos attack and ...... I got a cisco 837 router for security (i couldn't get it working). so i am in big mess. I went to different forums for help and they all recommend me cpanel or plesk. I like uniform server and i am getting better every day more and more so can you tell me what is the main different of this softwares please

and if you do know anyone who can help me to build solid server please contact me cempriot@gmail.com please

many many thanks for your help from now

and happy new year


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When you extract Uniform server it is secured (locked down for local access only) and can be used for web development even when connected to the Internet.


The real advantage of Uniform Server is preset security features that enable it for production use (safe server). Before putting it online you only need to set the MySQL password.


Uniform server’s design team have put in a great deal of effort to provide this security please read the following page to see what is covered: http://www.uniformserver.com/


To change the MySQL password and put your servers on-line check out this page: http://center.uniformserver.com/home_webse...e/security.html


Note: You may wish to add the following line to the above .htaccess file this prevents directory listings:


IndexIgnore *


To test your servers are really on-line and accessible go to the Google translate page : http://www.google.com/translate_t and enter your domain name.


Alternatively if you do not yet have domain name pick-up your IP address from: http://www.whatsmyip.org/ and type that into the Google translate page.


Note: Unless you specify a specific page Google translate will use your index page that is contained in folder www for the translation.


If you are using a router the chances are Google will not find your page because you have not forwarded port 80. You must forward port 80, all routers are different hence check this site out http://portforward.com/routers.htm scroll down the page and locate your router and follow instructions provided.


Now try the Google translate page test again.


Note: Make sure you can first surf the Internet using your cisco 837 router. If so it’s just a matter of forwarding port 80.


You mention cpanel and plesk these are not required unless you are hosting a large number of user accounts. If that is the case you will need to do a lot more research and consider the implications. The built in apanel (http://localhost/apanel/) is more than adequate for most home user needs.


Note: You can test the servers and use them on-line without using your router however make sure you are running a software firewall such as ZoneAlarm.


All the best

Ric :D

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Thank you for your fast replay specially fist day of the year

I have using your server with multi url facilities, more than a year now;

ozzsat.com and torun.co.uk (for testing) if you go to "http://www.rexswain.com/httpview.html" and search for this address you will see they are coming from same address and i am using uniform server and i am recommend i to anyone who ask because i am so pleased with software. but ozzsat is the website that we sell stuff so not much enemies, so i never need any firewall or anything. When i got my vbulletin and i want it to run a satellite website; i know that i will need full range of security from a to z. I do not see any reason why people may need others softwares?? when uniform can run hundres urls with single server!!!. Many thanks for your raply, i got my answer. i am downloading zone alarm and i need to find someone who knows vbulleting and security to secure my server from the ping or ddos attack or what ever they are. If you know any link or any one who can help me with that please send me the link

thanks 1000000s & a happy new year

cem :)

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